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Virat Kohli Suggested to Remove Rohit Sharma from ODI Vice-captaincy: Report

A PTI report has asserted that Virat Kohli has attempted to get Rohit Sharma taken out from the ODI vice-captaincy. Be that as it may, the BCCI didn't care for this proposition of Kohli

Virat Kohli has expanded the mix in Indian cricket by declaring that he will stop the captaincy from the T20 format. One more stunning disclosure has come about Virat Kohli. The PTI report guaranteed that Virat Kohli has sent an idea to the determination selection committee to eliminate Rohit Sharma from the bad vice-captaincy of ODIs.

PTI quoted sources as saying that Virat Kohli has moved toward the selection panel with a proposition to remove Rohit Sharma as the ODI bad habit commander. Virat Kohli contends that thinking about the time of Rohit Sharma, a youthful player ought to be made the vice-captain. Rohit Sharma is presently 34 years of age and his case as the new chief in the T20 format is the most grounded.

Virat Kohli wants to consider Lokesh To be or Rishabh Pant as the new vice-captain in ODIs. The board, be that as it may, didn't care for this proposition of Virat Kohli. "It was not liked by the board which believes that Kohli does not want a real successor," the source said.

Rohit is almost certain to get this responsibility if Kohli leaves the T20 captaincy. In the T20 format, Pant, Rahul and Jasprit Bumrah can be the contenders for the vice-captaincy. If the team of Delhi Capitals wins the IPL title, then its captain Pant will become the biggest contender. The source said, "Pant is a strong contender but you cannot rule out Lokesh Rahul as he is also the IPL captain. Jasprit Bumrah can also prove to be a hidden method.

Allow us to reveal to you that late on Thursday evening, Virat Kohli has discussed leaving the captaincy of T20 after the T20 World Cup. After this declaration by Virat Kohli, hypotheses are being made that soon India might get another new captain in ODI cricket.

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